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By sending my child to a BRO BALL CLINIC I, acknowledge that the player is in good standing with the membership and the medical examination for the current rugby season. We accept no liability on the part of BRO BALL CLINIC about the physical safety of participants and staff, before, during and after the camp.

I, authorise BRO BALL CLINIC to film and photograph participants throughout the duration of the camp and allow them to use these images for their social media and website.


The coaches are responsible for the care and good discipline of participants while they are at the BRO BALL CLINIC (and not under the control of a Parent or Guardian).

It is a condition of remaining on the Camp that the Parent/s and the participant accept the Camp regime, the maintenance of good order, discipline and courtesy towards the coaches and fellow attendees. Should a participant be removed from the Camp because of unacceptable behaviour or significant breach of good conduct, the Parent/s accept/s that no refund will be made


The Parent/s accept/s that no claim may be made against Bro Ball Production Ltd, or any coach, for injury or loss, unless this specially results from an act of omission or negligence on the part of the BRO BALL CLINIC or the Coach. 

It is recommended by Bro Ball Production Ltd that the Parent/s ensure that they take out personal injury and third party liability insurance on behalf of the participant.


Mouth guards are compulsory for all rugby sessions. Use of items such as head/shoulder protection is at the discretion of parents and must be in accordance with the sport’s rules.